Twilight Eclipse Trailer: Does It Suck?

The third installment in the Twilight sage Twilight: Eclipse sees the love triangle between Bella, Edward (vampire male) and Jacob (werewolf male with underage man-chest) get interrupted by a dangerous new army of Vampires… But I’m guessing you either (a) know all this because you’ve already read the entire series cover-to-cover; or (b) don’t give a shit about Twilight.

Apparently the next film is due out on 30 June 2010 and here’s the trailer:

Due to media saturation of vampire-related books, television shows and movies – as well as Kristin Stewart’s poor attitude in general, I’ve become apathetic about the “Twilight” craze – despite the fact that I found the first movie quite entertaining and thought Robert Pattinson was both really hot (in pale kind of way) and (unintentionally) really amusing in equal parts.

(There goes any slither of cred I imagined I might have had)

Do you think we’ve gotten to the point where vampires have been done to death (hilarious) to the point that they are finally “over” – or is the obsession with the supernatural here to stay?

Meanwhile, HBO have just announced the third season of True Blood will kick off in America on 13 June 2010 – which means the Australian broadcast can’t be far behind them.

Woo hoo!

Who would you rather: Bill or Eric?

Go team Eric.