Alice And Emmett Cullen Reunited To Re-Do A Famous Twilight Scene & It’s Hit Me For A Homer

twilight alice emmett cullen baseball scene

Fangs out friends, it’s time to call your Twihard mates and haul their asses over to their phone screens, because two members of the Twilight cast have had a mini-reunion and it’s really got my blood pumping.

Ashley Greene (who plays Alice Cullen) and Kellan Lutz (who plays Emmett Cullen) got dressed in the iconic baseball gear they wore in the first Twilight film, and reprised their original on-screen roles.

You’d be lying if you said you remembered Alice Cullen for anything more than her iconic leg kick during the baseball scene. It’s permanently burnt into my brain.

Here’s a lovely pic of Greene and Lutz together again. They’ve aged like fine wine, truly. Must be the vampire genes.

The special reunion was for a short parody video (yes, these things still exist beyond the 2010s) for artist Matt Cutshall‘s emo’s not dead video series.

In it, Cutshall randomly turns into an emo, singing like a member of Fall Out Boy out of nowhere, and eventually makes his way to Forks, where Twilight was set.

There, Lutz is playing a lovely game of baseball and mistakes the emo version of Cutshall for a vampire. It’s… a lot… and definitely sounds like a skit that Smosh would have made in their heyday.

But hey, it’s a skit that brought two Twilight fan faves together, so I truly cannot complain.

You can watch the full skit below, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And just in case you were wondering, it’s been nine whole years since Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out. Ouch.

To celebrate this massive reunion, let’s have a fun little watch of that iconic baseball scene yet again. ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ forever.

(Also keep an eye out for Alice Cullen’s kick throw, it’s fkn bomb).

Anyway, friends, if you need me I’m going to be sitting here thinking about how Taylor Lautner was 17 when he filmed the first Twilight movie, and yet so many people were going crazy over him.

There were three years between the first Twilight and Sharkboy & Lavagirl, friends. Three. Years.