UPDATE — 21st April 2022: 

Riverdale has joined the mammoth list of shows that The CW have pulled the plug on in recent weeks.

The beloved teen drama based on the Archie Comics series is finally ending with its seventh season, which I’m sure will be fab news for Cole Sprouse.

In our original yarn, we ended the article with:

Something tells me Riverdale won’t be far behind!

Hey, they don’t call me Mystic Matt for nothin’…

Have a read of the OG piece below for Cole Sprouse’s thoughts on the show’s direction, plus all the other shows that have been canned recently.

ORIGINAL — 21st April 2022: 

We’ve woken up to a fucken television massacre, mates, as a whole bunch of TV shows have been cancelled at multiple networks.

Among the shows that have been axed are a slew of reboots from The CW, including the ill-fated revival of witchy series Charmed (cue Holly Marie Combs‘ happy dance), which lasted four seasons.

The reboot of popular ’80s series Dynasty starring Elizabeth Gillies is also donezo after five seasons.

Charmed and Dynasty haven’t even wrapped their fourth and fifth seasons, respectively. The Charmed finale is set to air today.


The controversial Charmed reboot is among the cancelled TV shows.

Legacies has also been scrapped after four seasons as well as The CW’s popular TV shows In the Dark, Naomi, 4400 and Roswell, New Mexico (another reboot! Hm, maybe Hollywood should stop rebooting everything, huh?).

Meanwhile CBS has pulled the plug on Magnum P.I., Good Sam, and How We Roll.

Over on NBC, Kenan, Mr. Mayor and The Endgame are donezo.

Interestingly, it comes after someone wrote in to Dexumoi claiming that a bunch of The CW’s shows were on the chopping block.

The blind item claimed that writers were instructed to wrap up their upcoming seasons just in case. One of said shows was Riverdale, which was recently renewed (much to the cast’s dismay, according to Cole Sprouse).

In a new interview with GQ, Sprouse shared that after six seasons of the popular series, he and “most” of his castmates were ready to “wrap it up with a bow.”

According to Cole, the cast doesn’t have a lot of input on the show.

“I’m not a creative force behind [Riverdale]. I actually have no creative control,” Cole said in the interview. “We show up, receive the scripts often the day of, and we’re asked to shoot.”

Something tells me Riverdale won’t be far behind!