Trumpers Love ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ ‘Cos They Think It’s Anti-Immigration

The world is in upheaval, politically, but one thing I certainly did not anticipate was conservative and rightwing Internet users, bloggers and YouTubers claiming that a movie based on an iPhone game is the ultimate anti-immigration film for kids. But… it’s 2016, and that’s just how it is right now.

This year gave us the Angry Birds movie, which, if we’re honest, nobody asked for. Nobody really expected it to be particularly good, either. But it exists, because the whims of the market dictate that a movie about an app will probably get arses in seats.
But there’s a new angle. Spurred by posts on 4chan and a video by YouTuber LeoPirate, a motley crew of Trump supporters, alt-right types and their allies have begun to claim ‘Angry Birds’ is a knowing and dark allegory about Muslim immigration to Europe. Mmm.
Look. I’ll let this noble 4chan poster outline exactly why he thinks this movie about animated birds is the perfect way to indoctrinate kids into thinking that immigration is bad.
Well there you go. ‘Angry Birds’ was written by John Vitti, known best for numerous credits on The Simpsons, a show not particularly known for its aggressive anti-immigration stance. He also wrote Alvin & The Chipmunks, which is not heralded as a beautiful tribute to white supremacy. 
But look. Maybe? If you’re a Trump person, your first pro-Trump movie could be an animated bird movie for kids. Nice.

Source: YouTube.
Photo: The Angry Birds Movie.