If the phrase “Hot For Holes” gets you fired up instead of weirdly grossed out, then oh my good friend you’re about to be blown backwards off your seat. Paul Holes and Billy Jensen are absolutely launching a podcast together, and they want the public’s (that’s you!) help to solve crimes.

Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad explores real-life cold cases and mysteries, and Jensen and Holes will be using their many years of investigating across media and the law to try and close the book on these forgotten crimes.

They’ll be delving into the actual clues and evidence from the cold cases, and reaching out to the public – all youse true crime fans – to help put the puzzle together and get some answers.

I just !!!!!!!!!! CANNOT BELIEVE this is a thing. Step the fuck ASIDE, Serial. The big leagues are fuckin’ here.

If the names Billy Jensen and Paul Holes don’t stir incredible excitement inside your guts and hearts, they’re both linked to the Golden State Killer/EARONS investigation, the late Michelle Macnamara‘s book, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, and the subsequent arrest of main suspect, Joseph James DeAngelo.

Paul Holes was the investigator and detective on the Golden State Killer case right up until his retirement, a few days before DeAngelo’s arrest was made. He was also fundamental in tracking down DeAngelo through a DNA profile uploaded to a personal genomics website and has since appeared as a guest on the comedy true crime podcast, My Favourite Murder.

Billy Jensen is a crime journalist who specialises in cold cases and has been the executive producer for True Crime Weekly ever since it first aired in 2015. He was one of Michelle MacNamara’s writing partners and completed the last couple of chapters of I’ll Be Gone In The Dark after she passed away in 2016.

The Murder Squad is due to premiere on the Exactly Right podcast network, which was launched last year by My Favourite Murder‘s Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff.

The new true crime podcast from your two fave cold case sleuths is slated to hit your preferred podcast player from April 1 and so help me GOD if this is an elaborate April Fool’s prank I am going to be VERY stroppy.

If you wanna get in on it from day dot, you can save the podcast over on StitcherApple Podcasts and Spotify.

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Image: Instagram / @jensenandholes