True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Writing Sex Guide

An Educational Guide to Sex: brought to you by Ryan Kwanten. Yes, that’s right Vinnie from ‘Home and Away’ or more recently the oft shirtless Jason Stackhouse from HBO’s sexy vampire series ‘True Blood’ will be using his own tales of sexual dalliances as a personal “How To” guide for both men and women in their quest for greater, better sex. Entitled The G-Strategy (seriously) the book is set to be released early to mid next year.

“I gave it to a couple of my friends… I didn’t tell them that I wrote it, and they got back to me a week or two later saying, ‘Oh my God! This is really helping me out,’” he told Access Hollywood. “One of my friends said his sex life has never been better! They’ve just taken it as gospel.” Perfect. Do we really need another one of these in our lives.

According to Kwanten the target audience will be ‘Wall Street guys’ like Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox? We have not figured out whether the guide is a satire or a genuine self-help book, but keep an eye out: you may soon see Kwanten cosying up on the couch with Oprah talking about their favourite sex positions. Shudder.