Troye Sivan Reacts To His Nudes Being Leaked By Designing Unisex Dacks

If you weren’t aware, Australia‘s sweetheart Troye Sivan went through the absolutely devastating situation of having some semi-nude images leaked recently. 
Now, before we continue with with this story (that has a wonderful end, we promise), we must reiterate that the nonconsensual sharing of personal nude images is shitty, and it’s illegal! Don’t do it.
Anyway, Sivan’s nudes were leaked, and he alerted his fanbase to it by sharing a text message exchange between himself and his management: 

Despite this being the most light-hearted announcement ever for a serious violation of privacy, Troye did follow up with a sobering tweet about how the incident actually made him feel:

‘This sucks’ understated and succinct, but a solid piece of truth.
Troye understandably took some time off of Twitter while the dust settled, but now he’s back and has decided he’s not bloody taking this laying down. If someone’s gonna violate his privacy, he’s gonna make some dang profit from the situation. 
He today sent out a tweet explaining that as a response to his nude leak, he’s designed and is selling a line of unisex underwear. 
They’d look good on any person of any gender:

For anyone who wants Troye all up on their undies and underneath their jeans, apparently you’ve got a week to purchase:

We’ll say it again: the bloke’s a deadset legend. 

You want? You scoundrel. Buy ’em here:
Source: Twitter / @troyesivan