Troye Sivan Spills Secrets About Vogue’s ’73 Questions’ & Anna Wintour, Pls Don’t Kill Us

I simply must preface this by saying: Anna Wintour, if you’re reading this, please don’t release the hounds on us (and Troye Sivan) about this. Or the bees. Or the hounds with bees in their mouths. I thank you for your mercy.

There’s no denying that the Vogue 73 Questions videos are as addictive as they are intriguing – the mag uses their incredibly illusive rolodex full of some of the biggest celebs and then knocks on their door and follows them around asking a whole bunch of questions. Kim Kardashian-WestMargot RobbieLady Gaga, and Zac Efron have done it, and that’s just dipping a toe into that dangerous YouTube hole.

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Troye Sivan is one of the latest to work through the quick-fire questions as he wanders through his manager’s (frankly gorgeous) home in LA, and he let me in on some of the secrets on how the whole thing gets pulled together – because really how does it all look so slick and perfectly-timed and well-lit?

“I don’t blame anyone for being tense in that situation,” Troye said.

“It’s like, an eight-person crew all behind the camera. Like, running around, squeezing through these tiny spaces, and hallways, and doorways.”

So as much as it seems like it’s just Joe from Vogue with a handheld camera, there’s actually a whole host of people ducking and weaving through a space, sometimes having to hurdle gardens to stay out of the shot.

“When the camera like flips around, like when it’s coming around you, the entire crew had to like, run through a bush at one point. There’s a lot going on.”

As for the questions themselves – Troye says that there’s a lot to try and prepare for, so he found it was best to go off the cuff and roll with whatever was thrown at him. But being a huge fan of the series, he knew exactly what he was getting himself into.

“The way that it works – again I hope that Vogue doesn’t get mad at me for revealing too much – they give you like 100 questions, and you go through any that you definitely don’t want to answer,” Troye said.

“I was left with, I wanna say, like maybe 95 questions or something. But then you don’t know what they’re going to ask you out of the 95 until you’re rolling.”

I think tackling it off the bat, with minimal preparation into trying to remember all of his answers, gives Troye’s 73 Questions a level of sincerity and intimacy. It’s easily one of the best interviews in the series, considering how stressful it must have been to have a whole crew of video people behind the camera.