JFC, Trixie Mattel Was Rushed To Hospital After Her Appendix ‘Basically Imploded’ On A Plane

trixie mattel appendix surgery

In terrifying news, Trixie Mattel says she was rushed to hospital after her appendix literally burst while she was on a plane.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 winner revealed on Twitter – in a now-deleted tweet – that she had to have “an emergency appendix removal” on Wednesday night after it “basically imploded” on an airplane.

Trixie was on the way to perform at Webster University in Missouri this weekend when it happened.

“My appendix got turnt last night and I had to have an emergency appendix removal,” she said in a tweet.

“I’ll be actual Frankenstein so I can’t do any of my Halloween shows this week. Drink in a slutty costume for those of us who cannot!”

Trixie mattel
Trixie posted, then quickly deleted, this tweet that first revealed she had been rushed to hospital.

Trixie was then rushed to St Mary’s Hospital in St Louis. This morning, the makeup mogul and entertainer woke up from surgery and shared an update on her Instagram Story.

“Hello, I’m waking up, the surgery went good,” she said.

“Thank you everybody for saying, ‘get well soon’, you’re so sweet and nice, everything went good.

“Really bummed I can’t make the Halloween shows, I put so much work into the new numbers.”

This Is It!, a bar in Wisconsin that Trixie co-owns, confirmed the news over on Instagram: “Trixie was on her way to the Midwest and had to get her appendix removed today in St. Louis. Unfortunately, this means that she had to cancel all of her Halloween gigs in order to recover from surgery.”

Mattel’s performance time has been replaced with local spooky stars Sigourney Beaver and Saint.

Mattel is now back home in Milwaukee where she plans to rest for the weekend and hopefully catch up with fellow local resident and Drag Race season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall.

Over on Twitter, some of her Drag Race sisters sent her their love.

“Get well soon!!!” said Jaida.

“Omg FUCK, feel better,” wrote RuPaul’s Drag Race S12 and All Stars 6 queen Jan.

Trixie’s on-and-off-screen bestie, Katya, has not yet publicly commented on the news.

Regardless, we wish Trixie Mattel a speedy recovery.