Triple J presenter Kyran Wheatley tried to explain why he’s joining the likes of Matt Okine, Alex Dyson, and Lewi McKirdy as they nope out of the nation’s primo youth radio station.

But mostly, he just gushed about the place. 

Wheatley took to the airwaves this arvo – while he’s still on the ABC’s payroll – to remind ya how gr8 the J’s are. 

He said he overheard a conversation in a bar about his compatriots, before their chatter turned to Wheatley’s imminent departure. After one of ’em asked “why would you do that?”, Wheatley asked himself the same q.

“That is a great question, because this room we are talking to you from right now is a really special place,” Wheatley said. 

He went on to describe exactly why, too. Wheatley, who is bisexual, said it’s where he “heard that it’s okay to be different.

“It was a way of life that I tuned into. Millions of us tune into this station because we don’t fit in – we’re queer, we’re immigrants… we don’t fit in.

That’s what is so fucking amazing about this place. We’re in this massive dumb club. You’re a Triple J listener. 

The idea that I’m one of the club members… the kid, growing up, would never have believed that.”

His attention turned back to the bloke at the bar, as he said “so, for all those reasons, the guy at the bar is right. ‘Why would you leave?’ I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.”

After newbie Dylan Alcott fills the vacant slot, Wheatley will be focusing on his comedy endeavours and his podcast gigs. Still, you’ve got four more weeks with him, before he bids farewell just before the new year.

Source: Triple J. 
Photo: Kyran Wheatley / Twitter.