UK TV Personality Trinny Woodall Spells Out C*nt On ‘The Project’ & Uhh, You Can’t Do That

trinny woodall the project

In news that has absolute sent me, former What Not To Wear host Trinny Woodall has dropped a big ol’ c-bomb on The Sunday Project. I repeat, Trinny Woodall has dropped a c-bomb on live TV.

[jwplayer Aut5G7YE]

The British TV personality was a guest on The Project tonight alongside Susie Youssef, Peter van Onselen and Lisa Wilkinson.

Obviously, her early noughties cult-fave fashion show What Not To Wear was a huge talking point during the segment, and so was her former co-host Susannah Constantine.

Trinny discussed her friendship with her former co-host, claiming that they’re still great friends who “call each other rude names.”

But, in a mistake that any of us could’ve made, she elaborated on the rude names by spelling out an example of a “rude name.”

“C-U-N-T,” she harmlessly spelled, completely oblivious to the fact that a large majority of The Sunday Project’s audience can spell.

Uhhh…. is somebody going to tell her that you can’t do that?

The c-word is basically the only word you absolutely can’t get away with saying in Australia. Even we’re a little hesitant about it. I guess that’s why The Project likely doesn’t give a briefing for all guests, reminding them that they can’t call their co-hosts c*nts on national television.

I don’t imagine there’s a producer over at Channel 10 that’s welcoming talent into the building.

Hi! Welcome to The Project, toilets are to your left, don’t say cunt on live TV, snacks are in the fridge.”

Obviously, the hosts of the usually PG evening news show were visibly shocked, prompting an absolutely mortified Trinny to clarify that she meant to bleep herself.

Unsurprisingly, the clip from tonight’s episode didn’t make it straight to social media and 10play, like every other episode of the program.

Trinny’s slip up received some mixed reviews online, with many fans flocking to The Project’s Facebook page to complain about the slip up. However, other viewers seemed to take a much more light-hearted approach, forgiving the stylist for her slip of the tongue and calling it “hilarious.”

Although the sneaky c-bomb has obviously been cut, you can watch the rest of the interview here. Obviously, it’s much less interesting without the accidental curse.