Apply Now To Have Your Disputes Settled By Thoughtful, Wise Man Kyle Sandilands

kyle sandilands

Traditionally, you want your legal disputes to be settled by a judge. Maybe a qualified arbitrator of some sort. You want someone with a full and comprehensive understanding of the law, how it applies, and also of the effect that the application of those laws will have on people’s lives. You want someone who makes judgments after careful deliberation, with full consideration of the facts and the circumstances. Or, I guess, you could have them settled by big-time shithead Kyle Sandilands.

This is the concept behind Trial by Kyle, a show picked up after Ten‘s Pilot Week. It sees shock jock and general piece of work Sandilands settle disputes between disagreeing parties, something that people apparently craved more than any of the other shows that were part of Pilot Week. Somehow.

The good new is that if, for some unfathomable reason, you want your personal grievances put on TV and settled by a belligerent, overbearing man who believes himself to be the centre of the entire universe, the show is now accepting applications for cases.

The screening form is a simple one. All they want is your name, your number, your email address, a brief description of your ‘dispute’, and an indication whether or not you are still in contact with the other party. If this seems like a good idea to you, you can do so here.

(Note: Do not do this.)