Diplo Trying To Get A Single Text Back From Travis Scott Is Such A Big Mood


G’evening, if you’re having an absolutely shite Monday night then allow this Storytime with Diplo to cheer you up. In short, Diplo – man behind many tunes and the bloke who live-streamed Sophie Turner and Joe JonasVegas nuptials – has been ghosted by Travis Scott for over five years.

Yes, really.

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Taking to his Instagram over the weekend, Diplo explained that he recently ran into Scott at a festival. The two have previously worked together on the 2017 tune ‘Know No Better’ by Major Lazer, featuring Camilla Cabello and Quavo. 

“Hey let’s make another song,” Scott said at the fest.

Diplo replied: “What’s your new number?” 

Scott gave him his details and the next day, Diplo shot the artist a text. Around about now, he noticed Scott’s “new” number was already saved on his phone.

“I already sent desperate-looking texts to the same number fifteen times over 5 years.” 

It can’t be that bad, you think and then you see the evidence.

Please swipe to see this magical albeit one-sided conversation.


You know what’s just so [kissy fingers] about Diplo’s texts? They’re the three stages of trying to get someone to goddamn reply. Diplo kicks it off with the casual but confident “hey text me back” text. Then you have the awkward “haha i think my phone’s cooked, did you get me text?” which is still technically a double text but isn’t as lame – still lame – as whatever else your group chat comes up with at 1am. Then we reach stage three, which can only be described by my dude right here: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Translation: “lol hit me up whenever idc.”

Will Diplo ever get a reply? We may never know.