Travis Got Busted Copping A Feel Of Kourt’s Norks At Kris’ Karaoke Bday & It’s So Fkn Awkward

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Don’t get me wrong, we’re very much here for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker‘s wildly hot relationship. I mean, a decade of built-up sexual tension between the pair has finally been released, like a pressure valve on a hot water tank. The steamy Kravis content truly knows no bounds, because a video of Kris Jenner‘s intimate birthday karaoke sesh has gone viral after it shows Travis and Kourtney getting busted being as horny as two teens in the back row of the movies.

The painfully awkward video appeared on Khloé Kardashian‘s Insta story over the weekend. It would have been such a non-event, normal video of some ultra-rich people enjoying a birthday, except for the fact that Travis fully slips a hand up onto Kourt’s tit right in plain sight of everyone.

She’s sitting there on his lap with a wine – a position we’ve all come to accept them in over the course of their horndog relationship – and he slides his hand up her waist and over her nork. He then realises he’s being filmed and chuckles like “oh shit, yeah you caught me.”

The best part about it all? Kris is standing right there singing ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ like a true 66-year-old mum after a couple of wines.

Copping a massive feel while your mother in law is mere metres away belting out The Foundations at her own birthday party? That’s some real Scorpio charlatan energies, I tell ya what.

Honestly, this is pretty tame for them. Like as soon as this deeply cringe video of Travis getting busted hit the masses, they’ve backed it up with an even bigger PDA. Kourtney shared a flashback to their recent trip to Italy on her Insta story this week, splashing up a never-before-seen shot of the duo playing tonsil hockey in the rain in Venice.

Mom and Dad, I do love that you’re happy but please, put it away for two seconds and let us have a breather, yeah?