So, the entire internet collectively lost their minds this week over a truly fucked up ad for Peloton exercise bikes. And now, just when we hoped it was about to disappear into the meme graveyard, Ryan Reynolds decided to bring ‘Peloton Wife’ back for a starring role in a commercial for his gin brand, Aviation Gin.

What the heck is a Peloton, you ask?

Well, I’m not quite sure if it’s an American thing, or a fit-person thing but frankly, I have no fucking idea. From what I can gather, Peloton is an exercise equipment brand that specialises in uber-expensive exercise bikes.

But despite not really knowing what a Peloton actually is, we all lost our minds over the Christmas-themed ad, shooting Peloton Husband and Peloton Wife into internet stardom.

You can read more about the original ad here, but honestly, I’m much more interested in a commercial for booze than bikes.

Basically, Ryan Reynolds (or someone on his team at Aviation Gin) managed to track down the Peloton Wife (real name unknown) for his own ad, entitled “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back.”

The commercial starts with a shot of Peloton Wife’s face, giving us all an insight into her traumatic post-Peloton life. After a quick glimpse of her blank stare and “Perpetually Sad Eyebrows,” the camera pans out to show her drinking gin with two supportive friends.

“This gin is really smooth,” she says.

“You’re safe here,” her friends agree supportively.

“To new beginnings,” Peloton Wife replies, before chugging a martini glass full of gin.

Peloton Wife deserves a fucking Oscar for these ads. I truly hope her internet fame gives her a successful, life-long acting career.

You can watch the full video below if you’d like an update on Peloton Wife’s wellbeing.

Image: Aviation Gin