How To Turn Your Trash Into Treasure Online To Add Some Heft To Your Wallet

Trash to treasure
Contributor: Tayla Gentle

Let’s be real. Who doesn’t need a few extra dollar bills during a global pandemic? Jokes, rhetorical question because WE ALL NEED MORE MONEY. I, personally, would like more $$$ so that I am able to afford guacamole on my burritos once again. Oh, and pay rent. My landlord would appreciate that. 

If you, like me, have found yourself getting thriftier and thriftier as isolation continues then sit up and look sharp because we’ve found six bona fide solutions to your cash hole. And none of them require leaving your house or interacting with humans. You can even set up PayID to make that cash transaction even m ore contactless. What a COVID-19 thrill. 

Anyway, if you’re looking to downsize your life but upsize your bank account, here’s what you should be selling: 

1. All your gym junk

You know that cobwebbed barbell left in the garage? Or the one lone kettlebell you bought and never picked up, let alone snatched or jerked? Well, there are people out there willing to pay big bucks for your lazy, and forgotten, gym equipment.

Did you know there is currently a worldwide shortage of weights and other things strong people lift up and put back down again? That’s right, a shortage. And here you are just hoarding the goods. Post them online already and make some sweet coin. 

2. All your fancy kitchen goods

Got a bread machine? Hawk it. Never use your thermomix? Sell it to someone who actually cares about cooking.

The foodies among us are spending their iso learning how to make fancy fish and chips with Ben Shewry and cooking alongside Chrissy Teigen, and they’re hungry (lol) for better kitchen appliances. Do them a favour, sell yours.

Then you can get back to grilled cheese on toast.

3. All your musical instruments

I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re unlikely to ever become a piano prodigy. If the talent didn’t hit you in Year 8 it’s unlikely to manifest now you’re a grown-ass adult who doesn’t know their flats from their sharps. Same goes for the ukulele you bought yourself for Christmas and the guitar you borrowed from your ex but never gave back.

Your neighbours would also like you to know that the drums were a bad idea and they’re *this* close to calling the council. The kid down the road shows great musical promise though – sell it all to his mum. 

4. All your fun games

I’m talking puzzles and board games and video games. Remember, there are a lot of parents out there stuck with kids at home who need to be entertained 24/7.

Said parents are also very willing to invest in anything that will keep their little ones out of the study and away from their very important zoom call, so make the most of this prime selling opportunity. Let’s not pretend you have the attention span for a thousand-piece puzzle anyway. 

5. All your weird wellness things

Got a shakti mat? Recently bought some crystals? Have a spare diffuser and essential oil set laying about? What about a yoga wheel?

Isolation has sent many of us spiralling into the wellness scene looking for ways to “cleanse our energies” in an effort to put up with negative housemates and the underlying sense of doom brought about by a worldwide pandemic. If you no longer need your sage stick, chuck it online and let another sucker snap it up. 

6. All your furniture, the more Scandi the better

The DIY madness is real and it’s affecting a lot of people. Bunnings is out of control. Kmart has a bloody line to get in the door. IKEA is like one big apocalypse looting scene.

If you’ve got any furniture goods that you’re not using, or not still in love with, the DIYers are guaranteed to buy your remnants. Everyone is just at home googling how to feng shui their living rooms, after all.

Of course, all these tips don’t take your objectives or financial situation into account and you should seek relevant professional advice.