Trailer: Toni Collette Plays The Mother Of Christ

Okay, so that headline might have been a little misleading, but the movie is called Jesus Henry Christ and Toni Collette plays the mother of the Henry referred to in the title, so it’s essentially true.

Henry James Herman is a test tube baby in the midst of an existential crisis at age 10. He decides to seek out his biological father (played by the genius Michael Sheen) with the hopes that the connection will help find the answer to a few of life’s big questions.

When it comes to child geniuses in film (this one played by Canadian actor Jason Spevack, the precociousness can often err on the side of obnoxiousness and make for unsympathetic and painful viewing, but with such phenomenal acting talent like Collette and Sheen on deck this one deserves a chance. Directed by Dennis Lee, you can watch the first Jesus Henry Christ trailer, below.

Via Collider