Trailer for New Rose Byrne Film “Adam”

Rose Byrne has come a long way since appearing with Ben Lee in “The Rage In Placid Lake”. Much further than Ben Lee anyway. Since her rise to fame in the early 2000’s Byrne has wrangled a slew of blockbuster bit parts (Star Wars Episode II: Attach Of The Clones, Troy, Marie Antoinette), some notable Hollywood leads (28 Days Later, Wicker Park) and most importantly (for American visibility) procured a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated television role through NYC based legal drama Damages.

Now with the release of her forthcoming feature “Adam”, Byrne, like many Australians before her is poised to join the upper echelon of young Hollywood actresses.

The Fox Searchlight romantic comedy follows Adam (Hugh Dancy), a Space enthusiast, sufferer of Asperger’s Syndrome and the film’s eponymous protagonist as he cultivates an unlikely romantic relationship with his neighbour Beth (Byrne), a teacher. If the trailer is anything to go by his attempts to woo her will be totally cute and clumsy, his social shortcomings will provide some awkward laughs, and Sandy Cohen aka The Real Estate King aka the gnarliest eyebrows in Hollywood will play Beth’s initially stern but ultimately supportive Father. Love can conquer all right? Even all-encompassing apathy and unwanted astronauts hanging out your window.

Put this in the same category as Science Of Sleep and Garden State – offbeat romantic comedies with psychologically flawed men and their way-too-cute dream girls. With that in mind Byrne, much like her Attack Of The Clones castmate Natalie Portman, should expect Garden State-like levels of nerdy guys crushing on her, myself included. Oh, be still my beating heart!

Title Image by Pascal Le Segretain via Getty