An Ex ‘MAFS’ Star Has Ripped Into This Year’s Couples & Picked Who’ll Fail

Channel Nine‘s certainly picked a right sort for this year’s Married At First Sight and everyone has had an opinion on the new crop of kooky contestants, including someone who understands the game all too well: former MAFS star Tracey Jewel.

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Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the 2018 contestant ripped into the new slew of brides and grooms.

First of all, she was less than impressed with controversial tradie Sam Ball and says he should have applied for Love Island rather than MAFS.

“Poor Lizzie doesn’t even get a fair shot! Sam should have gone to Love Island not New Zealand in my opinion – and on this occasion I hope Lizzie does a husband swap!” She said.

Much like the rest of the country, Jewel took issue with Sam “body-shaming” Elizabeth, after he said she was “bigger” than women he’d dated in the past.

“Newsflash Sam: you ain’t that good looking! Funny how a guy body-shaming a girl and giving insincere apologies really makes someone so less attractive,” Tracey said.

“If I was matched with Sam I would be downing all the KFC and Tim Tams I could get to put up with him.”

She also mused that Sam is probably still with his so-called “ex”.

She reckons the whole virgin storyline is absolute “bullshit” and criticised Matthew Bennett for lying.

She said: “There’s nothing wrong with remaining a virgin until the age of 29 but sleeping with someone in an experiment in the first week… like Lizzie says, ‘I’m calling BS on that!’”

Unsurprisingly, she went to TOWN on the despised Ines, calling her a “rude bitch”.

“Oh dear God, is Ines the new Davina? I mean, everyone knows I didn’t have a lot of time for Davina,” Tracey said, adding: “Everyone has a past but there’s no need to be such a rude bitch.”

Jewel reckons part-time model Jessika is “fake” and only on the show to get “social media followers”.

“What an interesting combination. This looks like a producer’s stitch-up to me. I’m just calling it now: she doesn’t even seem that interested in him,” she claimed.

Mick‘s obviously really trying and he seems really genuine. Yeah, he’s a bit rough around the edges, certainly not my cup of tea but I feel like she’s not even giving it a go and her fakeness is just rolling off the camera.”

Tracey added: “I think people are wisening up to reality TV and they can see who’s in there for social media followers and who’s authentic and looking for love.”

She also applauded Mick for calling her out on her thirst for Insta followers.

“He’s right on the money – he called her out on it asking, ‘Are you here for love, or are you here for Instagram likes?’ And she got kind of defensive about it, which makes me think maybe she’s chasing the fame,” Tracey said, adding that  “Jessika just smells of drama to me.”

She predicts nothing but heartbreak for Heidi and Mike, admitting that their tumultuous relationship reminds her of her own disastrous pairing with Dean Wells last year.

“I can definitely see myself in Heidi, getting the rose-coloured glasses on and getting swept away with all the chemistry and feeling the butterflies. I can totally relate,” she said.

“I can just feel Heidi being gutted the way I was.”

It wasn’t all neggo though! She spoke fondly of Jules and Cameron, stating that they “look like the strongest” of the couples and that they “can last the distance”.

“I love these guys, there’s obviously a spark there,” she said.

“But that’s some heavy conversation for the honeymoon – I mean talking about babies? In front of the whole of Australia? It’s so personal, especially to pretty much a complete stranger.”

However she said that some future conversation could help them strengthen their bond.

“I think it could make them grow closer and feel more connected. At least they’ve got a really good foundation to start their relationship with,” she said.

She’s also “totally here for” Martha and Michael, but she slammed the bride’s cosmetic surgery.

“I think Michael reacted well to Martha opening up to what she has done,” she said. “Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice that should be done because you want it, not for anyone else and definitely not for a show.”

Tracey admitted she went too far with her own fillers after succumbing to the pressures of being on reality television.

“I went overboard thinking I needed to for TV and quickly regretted that watching myself back and got my filler reversed. I hope Martha is comfortable in her own skin and choices,” she said.

She concludes the interview by saying that she thinks “the producers have done a really good job” in selecting the couples this year.

“I can see there’s going to be some couple swapping, a lot of drama, hopefully some love and romantic gestures along the way.”