Look Married At First Sight 2018 is dead and buried now that Bachelor In Paradise is on, but sometimes the folks from that show manage to extend their 15 minutes of fame by doing some relatively interesting stuff.

This week? It’s Tracey Jewel, who’s up and dissolved a bunch of her fillers due to “relentless” bullying online. She originally spoke exclusively to Woman’s Day about her decision to reverse the cosmetic surgery, citing online bullying and seeing herself on TV as the reasoning.

Tracey Jewel Gets Real On The Agony Of Having $9K Of Facial Fillers Dissolved Tracey Jewel Gets Real On The Agony Of Having $9K Of Facial Fillers Dissolved

“…TV wasn’t so kind. I’d look at some of the angles I was shot in and think, ‘Shit, is that what I look like?’ Then the online abuse started,” she told the publication.

Now, The Kyle & Jackie O Show about the experience, and it’s a rough ride.

“You know what, [dissolving the fillers] was more painful than putting it in,” she told Kyle and Jackie O today.

When asked how much she had dissolved, Tracey said “quite a few ml’s, let me tell you”, and said the removal was from her cheeks and lips.

‘So they inject this hyalase acid that dissolves the filler. It takes a couple of days, and it’s quite painful. It takes about 3-5 days to remove it all,’ she explained.

She also clarified that it’s not possible to dissolve all the filler.

‘They can’t dissolve 100%, but I’d say like 80%?’ she said.

Tracey’s since taken to Instagram to proudly show off her ~new look~ and thank her doctor.

And here she is with Sean – is it just me or are they kinda cute now? They’ve grown on me.

Source: Woman's Day
Image: Married At First Sight