‘Toy Story’ Writer Debunks Highly Effed-Up Theory About Andy’s Dad

Okay Toy Story fans, you can rest easy – earlier today, Pixar‘s own Andrew Stanton, who wrote each of the films in the series, took to social media to debunk an extremely depressing theory about them as “complete and utter fake news.”
Several days ago, a YouTube video began doing the rounds, claiming to have the official explanation for what happened to Andy‘s father, and why he wasn’t around during the first film or its sequels. 
The video, entitled ‘Andy’s Dad: The True Story‘, was published on the Super Carlin Brothers channel, and features contributions from toy designer Mike Mozart, who served as a consultant on at least one of the films. 
Mozart was close friends with deceased Pixar writer Joe Ranft, and per the video, he claims that Ranft told him the “true” secret of what happened to the character of Andy’s dad, and it was a depressing tale indeed. 
Long story short: Andy’s dad, also named Andy, contracted polio as a child, and all of his toys were burned, with the exception of Woody, Slinky and Mr Potato Head, who somehow crawled to safety. 
Years later, he came down with post-polio syndrome, and on his deathbed, gave his son the key to a toy chest in the attic, containing Woody and friends, who believed Andy to be his father, not realising their original owner was deceased.
It’s a tear-jerking series of events, and one that would easily rival the opening scenes of Up, but according to Andrew Stanton, who has a ‘story by’ credit on all three of the main films, it’s complete B.S.
“Everyone go back to your homes,” he wrote on Twitter, as multiple sources began to share the YouTube video. “Nothing to see here folks.”

So which version is accurate? I guess it comes down to whether you believe Andrew Stanton, who created the story and characters, or take the word of someone who was involved in an advisory role. 
I’d say that it doesn’t matter because none of this is real and Andy’s family are cartoon characters, so they can have whatever dang back story you want, but I’d probably get hate mail from die-hard Pixar Stans, so I won’t. 
Either way, the story starts at around 6:15 in the below video, so  you can see it there for yourself:

Source: NY Times.
Photo: Disney/Pixar.