Tourism Victoria perfected the twee travel ad in 2011, when they unleashed a giant ball of yarn down Melbourne’s alleyways. It’s odd looking back at, now we’re deep into the muck of 2020. I simply don’t think we have enough patience or whimsy left to see the appeal, no latent desire to Amélie-fy our lives. If I wanted to get lost in town, I’d probably sink a few cheap jugs at ABC and try to find my platform at Melbourne Central Station.

With that in mind, the folks over at the ABC have created a Melbourne travel ad which captures the moment we live in. Gone are the harp-plucks and innocent wonder. In their place: For Lease signs and the overarching theme of stay home.

The clip, which aired last night as part of quarantined sketch show At Home Alone Together, stars local gun Michelle Brasier seeing the sights so you don’t have to. If you’ve got a ball of yarn, stay inside and knit. You’re not missing much.

Catch the clip below, or scope out the full episode here.