Tourism Australia’s 6 Best Jobs in the World

The chief national promotion initiators/dream job recruiters, Tourism Australia, have launched their brand new campaign with a selection of extraordinary jobs around the country on offer to successful applicants. Modeled on a previous campaign where a Hamilton Island caretaker role was was up for grabs, Tourism Australia have assembled not one, but six dream jobs across the country.

From Outback Adventurer, Park Ranger, Wildlife Caretaker, Lifestyle Photographer, to Chief Funster, there is a job to suit any taste and lifestyle. Expect competition for Western Australia’s Taste Master to be fierce with the ability to chug litres of the finest local wines and gluttonise your way through the vast array of regional seafood sure to give the lucky applicant that all important edge. Sign me up for that shit!   


In terms of an advertising campaign, it’s a win for Tourism Australia. With the jobs up for grabs to anyone who can get their hands on a working visa, the campaign will surely capitalise on the global publicity generated from the Hamilton Island campaign four years ago. If the blown out time-frame of this post is anything to go by, expect hours of productivity killing daydreaming in offices across the world.

For more info, head to Tourism Australia