Toronto Crack Mayor Steps Down As New Crack-Smoking Video Emerges

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who last year famously denied smoking crack before admitting he had, in fact, smoked crack but that he wouldn’t do it again, has allegedly been caught on video smoking crack again.

Mayor Ford presides over Canada’s most populous city. According to reporters from the Toronto-based Globe and Mail newspaper, the video was filmed at 1:15am last Saturday by a man who claims to be Ford’s drug dealer and depicts him “taking a drag from a long copper-coloured pipe, exhaling a cloud of smoke, his right arm convulsing” in a basement, which is just some pretty straight up healthy stuff. Who doesn’t enjoy a casual smoke-and-convulse in the basement at 1:15am?

Mayor Ford earlier rejected calls for him to take a leave of absence to address his substance abuse, but it looks like this time he feels differently: in a statement released to media, he said “I have decided to take a leave from campaigning and from my duties as Mayor to seek immediate help. I have tried to deal with these issues by myself over the past year. I know that I need professional help and I am now 100% committed to getting myself right.”

The video’s emerged as Ford gears up for an election campaign that focuses on the importance of forgiving mistakes. Good luck with that?