Hate’s a strong word. But sometimes, it’s simply the only word that will do. 
Taking home the Razzies-equivalent of public popularity overnight, former Australian entertainer and convicted sex offender, Rolf Harris, has officially been graced with the title, ‘Australia’s Most Hated Public Figure’, according to The Encore Score, a survey which definitively charted and ranked the celebrities who provide our lives with daily fodder.
According to Sky News, respondents were reportedly shown pictures of Australian figures in TV, film, politics, radio and the media, and given the choice of ranking them as “One Of My Favourites” to “I Hate Them.” Taking the silver medal of “I Hate Them” is the leader of our free nation, Tony Abbott; followed closely by perpetual radio pest Kyle Sandilands
Conversely, the top ten figures most adored by Australians included Eric Bana in third, Cate Blanchett in second, and Hugh Jackman in first – because his ceaseless ability to exude pure delight cannot, and shall not, be tamed. 
Australia hates:
1. Rolf Harris

2. Tony Abbott

3. Kyle Sandilands

4. Joe Hockey

5. Clive Palmer

6. Pauline Hanson

7. Ben Cousins

8. Tom Waterhouse

9. Brynne Edelsten

10. Lara Bingle

Australia’s mates:
1. Hugh Jackman

2. Cate Blanchett

3. Eric Bana

4. Olivia Newton John

5. Anh Do

6. Hamish Blake

7. Rebecca Gibney

8. Amanda Keller

9. Nicole Kidman

10. Simon Baker

Via Sky News.
Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty.