Married At First Sightis a a pretty vexed show – if you haven’t seen it, the title really speaks for itself.

You’ve gotta be a pretty curious character to want to contend on this type of reality TV program, and tonight, Aussie audiences were graced with a dude who is so particular he has been dubbed “Australia’s Pickiest Man.” 
Everyone, meet Michael, a fitness junkie, and evidently, a very picky man indeed. 
Michael has some requirements that the gal of his dreams must meet – which is totally fair enough. I, for one, require my life partner to possess rudimentary knowledge of The O.C.and give a good massage, so we’re on a similar page. 
Ol’ mate Michael, however, is traversing pretty different territory. Take a gander: 
Some of Michael’s needs include, but are not limited to: a girl with small earlobes who weighs under 60kg.

Delightful. Even Winona‘s a bit perturbed by the whole thing: 

On the morning of ~ the big day ~ Michael has a punt that his future wife is going to be called “something exotic”, aka Lauren, and has a few other ideas up his sleeve. 

There’s also another element of intrigue – Michael is a stripper, which I reckon is a pretty chill profession if I’m honest, but he’s pretty up in arms about it and doesn’t reckon he can tell his new bride – who, by the way, is Scarlett, a woman with a mysterious American accent and an all-round nice vibe. 
(He doesn’t tell her, by the way – literally turns into a stunned mullet and insists he’ll“tell her tomorrow”). 

Before we even get a glimpse of Scarlett, though, Michael’s already come fully head to head with her mum, Marie, who is all about eye contact, and reckons Michael’s a bit of a knob, which is, in all fairness, fine. 
It’s definitely not Michael’s strong suit. When him and Scarlett meet for the first time, he can’t even look at her. It’s awkward as.
Ultimately, though, everything seemed to work out pretty fine for the Pickiest Man. He ended up having a chat with Scarlett’s mum at the reception (still way too late in the game), shared a big kiss with his bride / stranger friend, and doesn’t seem too disturbed by the fact that his wife isn’t obsessed with exercise like he is. 
But Michael. Mate. You’ve gotta tell the truth. 

Only time will tell. 
Source / Photo: Channel 9.