Tonight’s ‘Black Comedy’ Retold ‘The Godfather’ As A Legit ‘Strayan Epic

Holy shit, guys: Black Comedy may have already won Australian comedy in 2016 with tonight’s episode, ’cause they basically just revealed The Godfather’s been an Australian story at heart all along.

Yeah, we know it’d be hard to look past the Mafioso drug trade and replace it with Welcome to Country ceremonies, but here we are in 2016, watching Briggs & Co. pull off the most well-orchestrated take on the tale to ever grace our screens. 

It’s almost a crime in itself to give away the remainder of the piece. Suffice to say, it’s just as deadly as the OG story, with significantly more mention of Melbourne’s road layout and the turf surrounding it. 

While literally every person in this country should be hiking over to iView to catch the full episode, Aunty have smiled kindly upon us by dropping more sketch goodness via Twitter. 

Season two’s next ep airs on Wednesday, 9pm, on ABC. Whether they’ll be redoing crime another crime epic is yet to be seen – The Wire may as well go down in Adelaide, right? 

In any case, remember: always was, always will be, Frank’s land.

Source: ABC.
Photo: ABC iView.