Toni Collette Sued By Industrie Founders In Paddington Real Estate Stoush

Toni Collette and the couple behind menswear brand Industrie have gone head to head in the courtroom over a terrace house in Paddington. Collette and husband David Galafassi signed a contract to buy the property from Susan and Nick Kelly in September of last year but after finding no buyer for their home in Bronte, pulled out of the contract on New Year’s Eve last year. Happy New Year to you too!

The Kellys have since sold the house to some rich accountant dude in April and moved to a $15.5 million mansion in Vaucluse but still aren’t satisfied, suing Collette and Galafassi for a cool $1.6 million. I guess they didn’t like Little Miss Sunshine as much as we did. The damages suit is mostly for the $850,000 fall in property value as well as land taxes and interest for four months. Collette and Galafassi argue they sold the terrace under value and there was no agreement to complete the sale by December 30.

Words by Stephanie Squadrito