Squatters Trashed Tones And I’s Byron Home But Thank God She Was In One Of Her Other $3M+ Pads

tones and i squatters house

Alleged singer and songwriter Tones and I (Toni Watson) took to Instagram to share the aftermath of squatters staying in her fourth home in Byron Bay. Devastation upon landlords? I shall bite my tongue.

The 28-year-old (probably, maybe) detailed the event to Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev & Nick, claiming the group of strangers totally ruined the place.

“We were there only a week ago — and since then we’ve had some sort of squatters who have completely demolished it,” she said.

“They’re not in a good way. They’re pretty hectic. The police came ’round and apparently, they hit a few robberies up in Byron, so we’ve got people watching the house today to see if they come back.

“The least they could do is clean up after themselves and maybe have a shower because the couches are all dirty. At least shower in the house if you’re going to use it.

“I don’t know how to wash a mattress, but I’m going to figure it out today.”

The creator of song and torture device “Dance Monkey” also claimed to have found a bunch of illicit substances scattered about the place.

“There were needles, crack pipes and weed plants out the back,” she said.

Via her Instagram story, she called the homeless squatters “whacked out” and “erratic”.

I personally would use the words “lightly trashed” over “completely demolished”. There is absolutely no need for exaggeration here.

This Byron Bay property is Watson’s fourth property that she owns and the fifth property she has bought.

Her first property was a $5.1 million “luxury mansion” on the Mornington Peninsula. Her second was a $7.08 million super pad with a $150,000 oven installed — also on the Mornington Peninsula.

Then, the Mornington Peninsula bored her and she bought her first Byron Bay property for a measly $3.3 million. Pocket change. Her fourth property was the one devastated by squatters (who are more than likely feeling the hit of Byron Bay’s homelessness crisis) which cost her an unnamed amount.

Tones and I is also reported to have purchased an $800,000 home for a friend or family member in 2020.

Approximately 3 per cent of people in Byron Bay are living without a home. Over the last five years, property prices have increased by 112 per cent, making it almost impossible to secure a place to live unless you’re loaded.

So, maybe if someone is taking shelter in one of your five homes, you don’t sic the cops on ’em?