Much like heartbroken-but-we-can’t-really-follow-why Johnny, we are torn. Torn because we don’t know whether to be excited, or scared. Probably both. Yeah… definitely both. 

Tommy Wiseau, the creator of ‘The Room‘ – commonly known as the worst film to ever be made – has created another movie. 

If you don’t know ‘The Room’, we’d highly recommend you set aside an afternoon, and watch it. It will feel like a horrible waste, and you will be angry… but this complete fuck up of a film is a cult classic that must be watched. 

Here’s some gifs to explain:

(If you’re confused by the random nature of these gifs, that’ll give you a nice idea of this movie’s completely non-existent plot or continuity. Just imagine the addition of stupidly long and gratuitous sex scenes, non-sensical dialogue, plot points that are never mentioned again, and completely unnecessary green-screen backdrops.)

He’s made the new film with Greg Sostero, who played Johnny‘s very bad best mate Mark in ‘The Room‘. So, the A team are back together, and oh god this is going to be a trainwreck and we are SO BEYOND THRILLED.

It’s called ‘Best F(r)iends’ (INCREDIBLE) and it is truly remarkable. The plot is… well, it sort of vaguely exists, so that’s a step up.

Apparently, it’s about a man (Sestero) who meets a lonely mortician (Wiseau) who takes him on a wild journey. 

Turns out its based on a story Sestero wrote, which was based on a road trip he took with Wiseau in 2003.

Watch below:

We don’t know why he’s covered in blood. And chances are, by history alone, we will never find out. 

“After watching ‘Best F(r)iends’, your mind will find paradise,” says Wiseau.

There’s no news on when it will come out – THR reports they’re still organising distribution, and are hoping for a theatrical release. Fitting.

Source: THR.

Photo: The Room.