Tomkat And Scientology Give Rupert Murdoch The Creeps

Rupert Murdoch the tweet-happy octogenarian at the helm of News Corp, the media empire you may remember for their institutionalised phone hacking, thinks there’s something creepy, maybe even evil” about Scientology and the marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

One of the few people more rich and opinionated than the Church Of Scientology took to Twitter with veracity over the weekend to cash in on the breakdown of TomKat, urging his followers to watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop” and labeling Cruise’s faith a very weird cult” with big, big money involved” and the actor “either number two or three in hierarchy”.

With their divorce imminent and Tom’s couch jumping days behind him, Katie can now go back to her career. Perhaps a Dawson’s Creek reunion is on the cards? We’re praying to L.Ron Hubbard that Katie’s attempts to secure sole custody are successful so she can channel her energy into stage-parenting the shit out of the most promising and salvageable career to come out of the family: that of fashion icon Suri and her popular Mean Girls-inspired blog.

More TomKat updates as they’re fit to print. (All of them.)

Words by Tara Kenny.

Image by Peter Macdiarmid for Getty Images.