Tom Holland’s Taking A Break From Acting After A Recent Shoot Was So Traumatic It ‘Broke’ Him

tom holland quit acting

My secret husband and father to my children Tom Holland has revealed he’s quitting acting for an entire year after a pretty traumatic time on set. But fear not, I am looking after him with utmost care.

In an interview with Extra, Holland admitted that his time on the set of the upcoming Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room “did break” him.

The Crowded Room, which stars Amanda Seyfried and Emmy Rossum, is a psychological crime thriller that revolves around a man who is arrested after a violent shooting at New York City’s Rockefeller Centre in 1979.

Holland admitted that while he’s done plenty of high-intensity action films (see Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: No Way Home or Uncharted. Actually, don’t see Uncharted), The Crowded Room got into his head.

“We were exploring certain emotions that I have definitely never experienced before,” he said.

“And then on top of that, being a producer, dealing with the day-to-day problems that come with any film set, just added that extra level of pressure.

“I’m now taking a year off, and that is a result of how difficult this show was.”

So what is Holland doing with all this time off? Well, apart from making peppermint tea for me every morning, he’s taken up gardening.

“You know, I’ve been going to the garden centre and buying plants and doing my best to keep them alive,” he said.

“I’ve just been trying to be a regular bloke from Kingston and just relax.”

Doesn’t that sound impeccably wholesome?

Holland also recently told Entertainment Weekly that he quit drinking, which must be making his time off all the more relaxed and enjoyable. We stan a sober king.

“I’m no stranger to the physical aspects of the job doing the whole action-movie thing,” he said.

“But the mental aspect, it really beat me up and it took a long time for me to recover afterwards, to sort of get back to reality.”

On top of all of this, he also revealed to fans in August that he’d be taking a break from social media.

It sounds like Tom Holland has truly found peace.

“I find Instagram and Twitter to be overstimulating, to be overwhelming,” he said in an Instagram Live.

“I get caught up and I spiral when I read things about me online and ultimately it’s very detrimental to my mental state. So, I decided to take a step back and delete the app.”

I have nothing but respect for someone who can identify when things are going bad for them and then takes the steps necessary to heal themselves.

The Crowded Room will be out on Apple TV+ on June 9.

(Image Source: Getty Images).