We’ve seen Tom Hardy as the rather intense looking Venom – insane tongue and all. And now we’ve been given an official look at Hardy as the equally intense and infamous gangster Al Capone for the biopic, Fonzo. 

Capone, full name Alphonse Gabriel Capone was an American businessman and gangster who absolutely owned Chicago in his peak. Nicknamed Scarface”, Capone faced a splattering of charges throughout his time including tax evasion and the possession of deadly weapons.

Though never confirmed, the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, where seven members of an opposing mob were machine-gunned down, is thought to be linked to Capone’s mob.

Long story short, the guy was dangerous.

Fonzo will throw us into Capone’s later years, just after his release from an almost decade-long prison sentence. Suffering from a form of dementia, Capone’s brain had severely deteriorated with memories from his past returning to haunt him.

Capone would die in 1947, aged 48.

Writer and director, Josh Trank, uploaded the snap of Hardy in character to his recently revived Twitter and well… solid casting:

Trank has also been tweeting casting and trailer news with the former, via Deadlineannouncing Matt Dillon, Linda Cardellini, Kyle MacLachlan, and Katherine Narducci had joined the cast.

Dillon is set to play Capone’s closest friend Matt; Cardellini will portray Capone’s wife Mae; MacLachlan plays Capone’s doctor Karlock, and Narducci is locked in as as one of the gangster’s sisters, Rosie. 

If you’re a follower of Hardy’s on Instagram you would have noticed some rather bloodied photos of Hardy in character as Capone. Most of these uploads are just a tad grainy (purposely, I guess) but intimidating nonetheless.

Like this lovely one:

Ain’t nothin but a gangster party ????????????♠️

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Those… look like a lot of dead bodies.

There’s also this menacing unofficial still that popped up on IMDb:

Tom Hardy As Al Capone Looks Like He’s About To Order A Hit On You
Credit: IMDb Fonzo

 He looks like he’s about to order a hit on me.

Fonzo won’t hit cinemas until November 15, 2019 but hey, according to Trank we’ll be copping a trailer in the not-so-distant future:

Curiously, in a recent feature with Esquire, Hardy said the voice he developed for Capone is based on Bugs Bunny. 

No really: “…to prove it, he plays me a clip of the raw footage on his phone. Sure enough, he sounds like the cartoon rabbit with a severe case of vocal fry.”

Cool, cool.

In the mean time, why not relive the Venom trailer?

Image: Twitter / Josh Trank