HEY SICKOS: Watch Tom Cruise Break His Ankle In Horrifically Cooked Stunt

Tom Cruise Footage Breaks Ankle Mission Impossible Stunt

Tom Cruise is a man known for his insistence on doing his own stunts, but after he badly broke his ankle leaping between buildings in a stunt for upcoming flick Mission Impossible: Fallout, the 55-year-old just might change his mind in the future.

Cruise sustained the horrific injury back in August last year, and told talk show host Graham Norton that his ankle is “still broken”, but he has no choice but to go on filming.

“It’s not fully healed, but we’re shooting,” he said in a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show. “We have a release date, so we’ve got to keep going.”

When the accident occurred, footage emerged that was shot from the other side of the building showing Cruise’s reaction, but the actual impact couldn’t be seen.

For his Graham Norton Show appearance, the actor kindly brought along footage filmed from three different angles of the stunt that saw his ankle bend up and back in the most ungodly manner.

When the video is about to start rolling, co-star Simon Pegg exclaims “I can’t watch this”, adding that “nobody’s foot should have to do this, ever.”

It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re a disgusting sicko with a stomach of steel, check out all three clips in the interview below.

And don’t say we didn’t warn you.