Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync The ‘Top Gun’ Duet, Nail It

Whatever your opinion of Tom Cruise, don’t ever let it be said that Top Gun wasn’t one of the greatest films to come out of the 80s.

Amid rumours that he’s down to bring Maverick back for a potential Top Gun 2 revival, the 53-year-old actor went head to head with Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync battle and whaddya know, a track from the Top Gun soundtrack was selected.

Specifically: You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by the Righteous Brothers, a duet also once performed by ultimate wingmen Maverick and Goose to unsuccessfully pick up a certain lady in a certain bar.

Of course, the song selection could be nothing more than a nostalgic nod. Or – just maybe – it could be a cleverly executed PR decision to get the public ready for a three decades later sequel. Cross all your extremities, people.

If you don’t want to see Cruise and Fallon friggin’ nail every other lip sync – including a flawless Risky Business moment – then skip to 7:54.

For scientific comparison’s sake, here’s the original:

RIP Goose :'( Forever in our ‘s.