WATCH: There Be Dragons In The War-Torn New Trailer For ‘Tolkien’

The horrors of trench warfare aren’t too different from the fantasy hellscapes described in The Lord Of The Rings. At least, that’s the theory posited in the new trailer for Tolkien, the upcoming biopic on the legendary author and his frontline experiences in World War I. 

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In the fresh clip, J.R.R. Tolkien (Nicholas Hoult) can be seen palling around with his schoolmates and asserting their “fellowship” before tumbling headfirst into the abject brutality of The Great War.

Much has been made about Tolkien’s military service, how the experience mingled with his love of language, and what impact it had on his literary work. Now, Dome Karukoski‘s film sees Tolkien interpret flames at the Battle Of The Somme as a fire-breathing dragon. Makes a fair bit of sense, really.

Lily Collins co-stars in the film as Edith Bratt, Tolkien’s lifelong love and inspiration for many of his lovelier characters. Bit nicer than dying in a trench, that. Peep the trailer below before the film’s international release on May 10.