Netflix’s Ballet Murder Drama Tiny Pretty Things Is Copping Heat For Its Bulk Underage Sex Scenes

tiny pretty things

Netflix’s latest series Tiny Pretty Things has been roasted online for being packed with “obscenely unnecessary sex scenes,” and look, the viewers aren’t wrong. There’s *a lot* of sex.

If you’re wondering what the show is about, other than sex, it follows the story of Neveah (heaven backwards, original), an elite ballerina who scores a spot at a fancy Chicago ballet school after the school’s number one girl gets *checks notes* pushed off a rooftop to her death.

The show is based on the novel of the same name, written by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra.

Basically, each episode follows her journey to work out what the absolute fuck is going on at this murderous ballet academy, where everyone is also just naked *all* *the* *time*.

But honestly, it’s hard to even focus on the incredibly cooked storyline because you’re constantly distracted by nudity and sex.

If you’re wondering what the fuck and also why the fuck, you’re not alone.

Obviously, the cast is comprised of adults, which makes it slightly less weird, but considering they’re playing 16-year-olds, it’s a strange vibe to see so much sex and nudity on-screen.

Naturally, viewers took to social media to discuss the absolutely ridiculous amount of sex and nudity.

Others called out Netflix for pushing weird student-teacher affairs and flooding the story with sex.

Many critics were also quick to point out that the show could’ve been set with college-aged characters and would’ve been way less inappropriate. But alas, the show exists in a world filled with high school kids.

But all nudity and questionable sex scenes aside, the plot also just feels really weird. So, uhh, watch it if you want. Or, you know, watch literally anything else on Netflix that isn’t about a horny murderous teenage ballet academy.