Tina Fey Reunites With ’30 Rock’ Writers For New Comedies

Comedic superwoman Tina Fey must be high-fiving herself mad right now. Since wrapping up 30 Rock in January, the woman who brought us Liz Lemon and infantile quotables like “I want to go to there” has been hella busy, with two shows being developed under her Little Stranger production company banner garnering interest from some pretty big players.

Fey has teamed up with 30 Rock writer Matt Hubbard on developing a comedy revolving around a former women’s college that begins accepting men for the first time, which has sparked a bidding war between major networks in the US eager to bring it to life. In addition to this, the unnamed “female-centric” comedy that Fey is executive producing with her 30 Rock writing/showrunning partner Robert Carlock, was just bought by NBC.

This show, written by 30 Rock alumni Colleen McGuinness, is a workplace comedy in which a woman reconnects with her estranged father and finds a new home and family on Fire Island. Neither show is reported to have Fey appearing on screen, instead she will fill an Executive Producer role on both.

In short, this is Tina Fey and Hollywood: