Timothée Chalamet Will Punch Your Heart In The Beaut ‘Little Women’ Trailer

Little Women, a story about talent, ambition, and how gender norms tend to muck a lot of that up, has been reimagined for the big screen. The good news is director Greta Gerwig has assembled a monster cast for: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Laura Dern, and Meryl goddamn Streep fill in most of the key roles, while Australia’s own Eliza Scanlen in the mix, too.

[jwplayer JYu1ML2X]

Then there’s Timothée Chalamet. From today’s trailer alone, we can infer his mere presence is gonna punch some hearts. If you’re not quite sure what we mean by that, we implore you to catch the trailer below:

Little Women marks Gerwig’s latest project with Ronan and Chalamet, after directing both in 2017 critical darling Lady Bird. Given the chemistry on-screen in this wee snippet, this adaptation of Louisa May Alcott‘s novel might not be the last time the trio collaborate on some emotionally stirring goodness.