This Dude Claims He ‘Played Timotheé Chalamet’s Hands In Little Women’ & We Have Questions

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Someone on TikTok claims that they “played Timotheé Chalamet’s hands in Little Women” and I have questions. Namely, where can I sign up to play Danny DeVito‘s right foot big toe?

In a TikTok shared this week, a man named Jack (@squirrelboy450) says that he starred in Greta Gerwig‘s Little Women remake as Chalamet’s soft yet bony fingers. Here’s how that reportedly happened.

Jack, who lived an hour away from where the movie was filmed, sent in an application to be an extra in the movie. Then, on “one random December night, I got a random email asking are you available tomorrow and can you send us pictures of your hands?”

The lucky amateur celebrity impersonator then sent in photos of his hands from both sides and was asked to come in for a fitting with two other candidates.

“I got to set next morning and a casting director can up to me and she was like ‘Hi, you’re Jack, right?’ and I was like ‘yes ma’am’, and then she was like, ‘Can I… see your hands?’ And I said ‘of course,’” he recalled.

“Right when I did that, she turned to her assistant and said, oh my God, these are great ones.”

Staff from the Little Women production crew then apparently lead Jack and the two other Timotheé Chalamet hands wannabes into a costume trailer where they were told to try on some of his rings from the film to see if they’d be a good fit for the role of Timotheé Chalamet‘s fingies.

“So one by one we were going down the line trying on Timotheé’s rings and the first two guys are going and it won’t even get past the first little bit of their finger. Then they bring it to me and it literally slides on like I’m fucking Cinderella.

“And so then they took me to the hair and makeup car and gave me a manicure and everything and then I went back to the costume truck and I put on Timotheé’s clothes.”

At this point, I have to ask: why does stuff like this always happen to people in America? When will we Aussies get the chance to play the role of Chris Hemsworth‘s right ear, hmm?

The TikToker and celebrity hands impersonator added that he filmed three scenes as the hands that famously ravaged a peach in Call Me By Your Name but only one of them made it into the movie.

In the scene where Laurie helps Amy (Florence Pugh) get out of a dress, we see an intimate closeup of Chalamet’s delicately soft and skeleton fingers unbuttoning her. According to Jack, that shot is actually his Chalamet-look-a-like limbs.

You can watch the full TikTok, featuring screenshots of the alleged email conversation between Jack and the people involved in casting the celebrity hand extras for the Little Women cast below.


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If you need me, I’ll be calling up my agent to see what Logan Leman is doing lately, after the tenth person said I look like him from a specific angle.