Timothée Chalamet & Frank Ocean Had A D&M About Basically Everything

I love when my fan-fics come to life: Frank Ocean has interviewed Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet, and nothing else matters.

The i/v was for VMan, and you can read it here. But first, we’ve got to talk about everything that’s in there. So much to unpack.

Firstly, our two dads are massive fans of one another, and Timothée starts off by basically apologising in advance if he freaks out, saying “It is an honor to speak to you, man. I’m such a huge fan. This is going to be a real test to keep my voice level and keep this as normal of a conversation as possible.

Frank, of course, remains chill the whole time. He asks Timothée about heaps: they chat about their fave fashion designers and New York eateries, whether people are calling him Elio (“That’s been happening.“), and, of course, that video of a 15 y.o. Timothée rapping.

“I saw it on Ellen. I figured if Ellen’s talking about it, then it’s fair game,” says Frank.

Frank even clears the air: do we call him Tim, Timothee or Timo-tay?

“My whole life I was Timmy and then as I got older, it seemed like Timmy was youthing me out, so it’s been Timothée since,” says Timmy, I mean Timothée. “I tried Timo and Tim, too. The real pronunciation is Timo-tay, but I can’t ask people to call me that; it just seems really pretentious.”

A man who doesn’t care when I completely screw up his fairly easy to pronounce name? I’m in.

The two also trade vibes on Call Me By Your Name, and manage to talk about how the story wouldn’t work in a modern day setting – because of our access to instant communication methods – without sounding like Black Mirror moralists.

You should defs read the whole thing over at VMan, but for now, let’s all freak out about how sincerely sweet Timmy’s goodbye to Frank is:

“Thank you so much for this. It’s been such an experience, sharing personal thoughts about artistry and acting with someone that’s influenced me in many ways. This means the world to me.”

You, right now. (Image: Call Me By Your Name)

Image credit: The Source/Entertainment Online

Source: VMag.com