Timothée Chalamet Revealed His Childhood YouTube Channel And His Old Hobbies Sure Are Niche

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We’ve all probably had a crack at YouTube when we were younger, racking up a total of 10 views on our vids and talking about absolute nonsense online, and the same goes for overgrown Victorian child Timothée Chalamet, who has confirmed that the rumours of his old account belonging to him are true.

Way back in 2018, theories online began to emerge that the YouTube account ModdedController360 belonged to living Tim Burton character Timothée Chalamet. The actor neither confirmed nor denied these rumours, but boy were they spicy.

The YouTube account is essentially three videos of a young boy showing off his modded Xbox controllers and calling them sexy. But hey, don’t furrow your brows so fast, the designs are fkn sick, and any child (or Xbox obsessed adult) would agree that they are, in fact, smexy-ass controllers.

Here’s the third video in the series of three videos, in which the child shows off his ‘red tiger’ controller that he painted himself.


In fact, VICE did an entire investigation into the videos, examining the hand scars, chair colours and gestures of the boy, suggesting that they definitely give away that this is Mr Chalamet.

Hell, here’s another vid in which he gives his Xbox 360 controller a blue and silver paint job.

The talent that this human possesses, I am entirely jealous.


Insane VICE investigation aside, Chalamet finally revealed that he is in fact the person in these Xbox controller videos, in an interview with YouTuber Nate Hill.

I guess all we had to do this whole time was ask him about it and wave an Xbox controller in his face. But hey, it sure was a fun ride examining all of Chalamet’s finger scars.

You can watch the segment in which Chalamet talks about his mysterious controller-painting past below, after being shown his Dune-themed new character in Fortnite. Not a sentence I thought I’d ever be typing, but hey.

For some reason I kinda find it so endearing that Chalamet is so excited about video games, it shows us that even the stick insect from A Bug’s Life has hobbies and interests outside of acting. Love!