That was quick. Almost immediately after tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise episode aired, Timm jumped straight on IGTV to share his side of the story… whatever that is.

There was a lot to unpack after that episode, especially with all the boys fighting at the end. Now, we have, well, something to work with. It’s a start.

“I’ve been getting a few nasty words and stuff written about me,” he said right off the bat.

“I just want jump on here and clarify that I don’t think women are objects at all.

“I don’t make misogynistic comments, you don’t see me sleeping around, what I will say is that I’ll 100% own that I speak out of line, I am a child sometimes.”

He went on to say that yeah, he’s fucked up the past (haven’t we all?) but that he’s not as bad as the show made him out to be.

“I understand it’s a TV show, I understand it’s highly edited, what you don’t see is me getting up first thing in the morning and apologising to both Matt and Renee,” he went on.

“I’m on good terms with everyone.”

He also made quite a poetic point which almost felt out of place given how nice it was: “I think personal growth is a byproduct of mistakes.”

But then, about three quarters of the way through the ramble, Timm shoehorned in an incoherent anecdote about his dad, for some reason.

It’s at this point it’s not really clear what exactly he’s trying to achieve, but the point, at least from what we can discern, is that he means well.

So there we have it. They’re all mates. Honest.

Image: Instagram / @timmhanly