TikTok Teens Are Dressing Up As Masked Grannies To Score Booze & You Must Admire The Effort

TikTok has been home to some wondrous trends during iso season, such as that partnered #HorseChallenge and everyone turning Coles bags into high fashion (Versace is shaking). Such trends have been responsible for keeping me up at night, as I scroll through the For You page for hours on end, destined to escape the doom and gloom of current-day lockdown restrictions.

With this in mind, a new movement has arisen on the app, a movement which is arguably the bravest and most creative of them all… Teens have been dressing up as masked elderly people in order to purchase booze without an ID.

Yep, as you probably already gathered by the lead image, youngins from across the globe have reportedly been sporting their best grey-haired, wrinkly disguises as they attempt to get turnt on the equivalent of 3 watermelon cruisers. Iconic.

In one video, a teen spray-painted her hair grey, practiced an elderly person’s shuffle and marched – I mean shuffled – into a store, only to return with a bag of Truly’s Hard Seltzer (and to the cheers of her thankful mates, of course).

In another particular TikTok, which has amassed over 2 million views and 400k likes, one teen donned an old, remarkably realistic, prosthetic face, alongside some sunnies and a mask, before valiantly heading to the shops to buy some booze. Granny then twerked in celebration, as her mates enjoyed a can of the devil’s juice. (This is why I love us, Gen Z.)

“These are getting all the most legit looking and I’m here for it,” one user commented under the ‘Tok.

“If everybody keeps doing this they’ll have you taking DNA tests to buy beer,” commented another, alongside a skull emoji.

I love the creative lengths that teens are going to these days in order to purchase booze. Gone are the days of seedily hanging around a corner, asking random folk to buy stuff for you – it’s all about disguises, prosthetics, make-up, wigs and trickery. You have to admire it, really.

In the words of Gaga…