School of Rock is back, baby! Not in the sense that someone is rebooting it (please don’t) – no, School of Rock is having another moment in the sun because of how goddamn good it is. From singer Mayhrenate (Tomika) applauding the body positivity in the film to, uh, Lucas Babin (Spider) becoming the District Attorney of Tyler County, Texas. It’s all happening, but this latest lil’ tidbit really takes the cake.

As TikTok user @marfymae reminded / pointed out to people, School of Rock stars Caitlin Hale (Marta) and Angelo Massagli (Frankie) are dating!!! How bloody good.

“Been on a massive IG scroll wbu,” Marf captioned the TikTok of herself running around as she discovered the news for herself.


Been on a massive IG scroll wbu #schoolofrock #netflix #jackblack #film #teacherspet #O2HereComesBrighter #HAIRFOODHYPE

♬ School of Rock (Teacher’s Pet) – The Original Broadway Cast Of School Of Rock

In no surprise, the TikTok has since racked up a cool 1.1 million views on the platform and counting.

From what I can see, the couple have been together since at least early 2018. Suss either of their Instagram pages for very cute couple pics.

Hale and Massagli reunited with most of the cast back in 2018, 15 whole years after School of Rock premiered in 2003.

James Hosey (Marco), Brian Falduto (Billy), Becca Brown (Katie), Zach Infante (Gordon), and Aleisha LaNae’ (Alicia) joined the couple for dinner.

Just imagine being the server that night, trying to pin point where you know these people from. I absolutely would’ve done a triple take and then convinced myself I was making shit up.


Hale, who hung up her acting shoes quite a while ago, shared an Instagram post of herself recently in a hospital bed with Massagli by her side. The OB-GYN ultrasound technologist wanted to raise awareness for endometriosis, especially since she had a laparoscopic excision surgery not so long ago.

Hale thanked her medical team for their care and especially thanked Massagli for “waiting on me hand and foot during my two weeks of bed rest.”

A School of Rock love story – you really do just love to see.

The much beloved film is available to stream on Netflix Australia.

Image: School of Rock / @angelo_massagli