This TikToker Ranked His Celeb Encounters In L.A. And Looks Like Your Fave Jenners Are Menaces

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One of the best parts of TikTok is the fact that so many people have interacted with celebrities, and take their time to rank every single experience they have. It always leads to some spicy revelations, and now we’ve got some tea about celebs like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, JLo and Kathryn Hahn.

I’m sorry to say fans of the Jenner dynasty (all five of you), but your girls Kendall and Kylie are menaces through and through. However, folks like Ariana Grande and Antoni from Queer Eye are apparently super sweet, so that’s a plus.

TikTok user @stretchandmayo (Chris Schretzenmayer) has made a video documenting all the times he has waited in line behind celebrities, which is apparently quite a few. His interactions with them vary from completely pleasant to absolutely shocking, and we are totally here for all of this tea.

Talking about WandaVision scene-stealer Kathryn Hahn, Chris said that she was “an absolute icon” in the Starbucks line, and we really aren’t surprised.

“She’s a super mum, she’s great, she can step on my neck at any time,” he said.

Ariana Grande? Also divine.

However, check out what he had to say about his encounter with Kylie and Kendall.


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That’s a yikes from me, chief.

Chris has also sat next to a whole bunch of celebs at restaurants, because I guess when you live in LA this is a normal occurrence.

In his follow-up video, he rates his encounters with Jennifer Lopez and Sam Smith, who both sound like amazing people to be around.


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In his third video, Chris talks about his encounters with Antoni from Queer Eye and the controversial Amanda Knox.

Both celebs are apparently quite amazing, which is a huge relief. If Antoni was secretly a menace behind the camera I truly do not know how I would cope. Probably with great difficulty.


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If you need me I’m going to start lining up at random locations across Sydney, because as we all know, Australia is the new Hollywood. I mean, I could run into Zac Efron or Sacha Baron Cohen at my local burger joint, which is completely wild.