This TikToker’s Compilations Of People Recording Their Sleep Farts Make For Essential Viewing

Farts will never not be funny. They’re a sure-fire way of turning a straight-faced room into a fit of smelly giggles. That’s just factual.

But when it comes to the act of emitting wind from the anoos, it’s clear that some farts are funnier than others. 

Factual evidence* boils the success of a humorous fart down to three elements: intent, passion, confidence. Let me elaborate…

One may intentionally let one rip with fervour and enthusiasm, for example, but it arguably won’t be as funny as someone who accidentally (or unknowingly) farts. Because, when someone accidentally toots –  perhaps the uncontrollable or unexpected result of a sneeze or something – and subsequently feels embarrassed about it, there’s an element of schadenfreude involved; everyone loves to metaphorically point at the farter and laugh, as if they’ve never passed gas a day in their lives.

With this in mind, a sleep fart is arguably the crème de la crème of comedic farts; at the mercy of REM, and blissfully unaware of one’s bodily functions, there’s something so pure, vulnerable and fucking hilarious about someone farting and not knowing about it.

Over the past couple of months, TikTok user @heartthrobert has been doing the lord’s work, using Sleep Talk Recorder (an app that records people’s sleep talks, go figure) to compile compilations of the public’s funniest fart submissions.

And it makes for some undeniably addictive viewing. Why? Because, once again, farts will never not be funny.

Let’s let ‘em rip shall we?

@heartthrobertIncluded motorbike again bc it’s my fav ##fart. ##fyp ##foryou ##sleeptalk ##4u♬ original sound – heartthrobert

@heartthrobertThis is now a ##sleep ##fart acct. ##farting ##farts ##sleeptalk ##fyp ##4u♬ original sound – heartthrobert

@heartthrobertAre they all eating a bunch of Quest bars? Reply to @caseymetrejean8 ##fart ##farting ##farts♬ original sound – heartthrobert

An absolute shitshow, in the best way possible.

Rob, we bow to thee.

*Not factual evidence. That was a lie.