This TikTok Of A Waitress’ Fkd Experience With Armie Hammer Has Not Aged Well At All

TikTok Armie Hammer Neck Video

Armie Hammer. By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the rather sick and disgusting allegations made his way, including but not limited to cannibalistic fantasies, violence and sexual control. As the days go by, the allegations and information coming out about Armie Hammer being a rather strange character just keep on flowing, and now, there’s more.

So, what’s happening with Armie now? Well, a TikTok video has resurfaced online in which a New York City waitress details her experience serving him, and it uhhh… hasn’t aged well.

In the vid, the young woman (@kyra_adams) begins by gushing over how attractive Hammer is in person, and how nice he is to be around.

“Armie Hammer, even hotter in person. Picture it, it’s not possible, but somehow it’s true,” she says.

“So my friend was waiting on him not me, but she knew I loved him so she let me help dish out sides and stuff.”

I mean, seems pretty normal. Nothing to see here folks. But no, the video keeps on going. Now, before you read this next quote from the vid, remember that this was put on TikTok a week before all the insane shit started coming out about Hammer, so it definitely has a different vibe now that we have the knowledge we do.

“He was so nice, like truly a ten out of ten person. A lot of dad jokes, big fun vibes, but he did spend the whole meal complementing his waitresses neck. Not in like a scary sexual way just like, he really appreciated the structure of her neck.”

…Yeah. Have a listen for yourself right here.

My lord, watching this before the Hammer allegations started coming out must’ve been a beautiful time. The neck complimenting can go right in the bin. Gross.

Just in case you aren’t really all caught up in the Armie Hammer revelations, there have been claims made his way using alleged screenshots that claim he is sexually into cannibalistic roleplay, among other strange, violent and graphic things. You can read up on all of that here.

If you need me I’m going to be triple-covering my neck, just because I’m genuinely freaked out.