Doc Antle Calls Out ‘Tiger King’ Director In Oz Radio Interview, Claims They Were All Lied To

Netflix’s viral docuseries Tiger King is filled with a lot of weird units, one of them being old mate Doc Antle.

This morning, the big cat lover got on the horn to Fifi, Fev & Byron on Fox FM, all the way from Charleston, Carolina, to discuss the unprecedented popularity of the show.

Describing it as “murder, mayhem and madness”, he told folks to remember that it’s not a documentary, per se, but rather a “sensational ride down the director’s story path.”

Antle threw shade at the director, claiming that they described a totally different show to the people involved.

“The director created a story by coming and speaking to the various entities and telling all of them a completely different tale of what he was pursuing and what kind of story he was trying to write to gain access to their lives and activities and what they had to say about each other and made it a war that went on,” he said.

The hosts then asked Doc to discuss Joe Exotic, who he describes as “a guy who’s off his rocker.”

When asked if it’s true that Joe manipulated straight men to get them into bed, he responded: “How straight do you have to be to get into bed with Joe Exotic? I think the line got pretty crooked there.”

“I’ve met these guys, I know them, but I don’t have any long friendships with them, but you see these gentlemen and you don’t go, ‘Oh, they’re just regular old fellas.’ Those guys are swinging to the other side and purposefully acting like it.”

He questioned, “Who has permanent makeup on their face? Eyeliner and diamonds in their teeth? They’re not rap stars, they’re eccentric gay cowboys.”

As for how Joe’s faring in jail, he had this to say:

“His husband has texted me asking how the series has gone,” he said. “He’s supposed to be in for 22 years, but I’m sure if this flows, he’s going to end up serving 50 to 70% of that. I know he’s going for an appeal – Cardi B, the rap artist lady, has a GoFundMe page up for him, trying to raise money, and there’s a lot of people waving a Joe flag.”

He revealed that Joe is well aware of his viral fame, although he has not been allowed to watch the show.

“He knows the premise but he’s kind of in lockdown,” he said. “I’ve heard the memes are what he’s been getting, the guards have been showing him their cellphones, so keep those coming.”

The radio hosts concluded by asking Doc, if he had to pick a side, would he be Team Joe or Team Carole?

“If I had to pick a team, it would never be Carole,” he insisted. “Joe is a wild child who let himself get carried away by the idea of fame and fortune, all he wanted was to be famous and it seems like he got there now so it’s in that capacity.”

Tiger King is now streaming on Netflix.