This Woman Watching Hamish & Andy Act Out Her Pub Yarn Is Unbelievably Pure

Modern Australia is a country built on pub yarns. As a people who love pubs, love a good laugh, and have absolutely no qualms with being a bit liberal with the truth to facilitate said laugh, the pub yarn is woven into the fabric of our society. 
Statistically, as a by-product of being alive for a couple of decades, everyone alive is bound to accumulate at least one incredible, hilarious, deeply weird story. We live for those stories.
This is what makes Hamish & Andy‘s ‘True Story‘ so genius; we already bloody live for the pub yarn, the only thing that could make them better is not having to put in the hard work of using our imaginations to picture the story – and that’s exactly what they’ve done.
Last night they premiered their first episode. It seemed like a lot of people bloody loved it and (if this video Hamish & Andy shared is anything to go by) among those people was Rachel, whose story it was that they so painstakingly recreated.
Rachel had detailed using the looming promise of miscellaneous sexual favours to avoid a possible dinner ~incident~ involving a century egg (look it up) and it looks like she was absolutely thrilled with the end result.
Probably a good sign if you’re laughing at your own story, hey?
Catch True Story at 7.30pm Mondays on Channel Nine.
Photo: Facebook.